skip fm

The patent pending skip fm technology makes radio smart for smart devices

Skip fm provides a better signal with new audience engaging features:

  • skipping titles, rewinding and personalization (depending on royalties agreements)
  • skip fm reduces drop outs in case of signal loss, seamless play even without internet for up to 10 minutes
  • all of that with your simulcast – including your presenters, promotions, service elements, jingles and news

    Skip fm gives radio stations additional revenue opportunities:

  • Skip fm includes video instream spots in your simulcast audio stream, when the screen is unlocked (e.g. interaction, start)
  • It also includes digital audio spots, both as replacement of existing spots and additional spots.

    Skip fm fits to your current workflows and processes

    It acquires the signal right from your mixer – no extra boxes or buttons.
    No separate digital team required, no additional production required.
    Your on air staff can focus on compelling content – they won´t even notice it is there.

    Skip fm is here for you.
    We provide world wide licensing of our new technology.
    Interested? Contact us now!